Transistor Nonlinear Modelling for PA MIC Design

Prof. Paul J. Tasker | Cardiff University


This lecture could be useful for all interested in RF and microwave power amplifier design for communications transceivers (5G, etc.), describing precise and efficient transistor models to achieve “state-of-the-art” amplifier performance. Efficient and linear power amplifiers are critical components in present and future communication, satellite and wireless systems.


Prof. Paul Tasker FIET, FIEEE FLSW is an expert in solid-state active devices and circuits for communications, in different semiconductor technologies (GaAs, SiGe, GaN, InP…). He has many scientific publications in nonlinear characterization, modelling and design of devices and circuits working in the microwave and milimeter wave frequency ranges. He has collaborated with a number of leading international companies, for example, Nokia, Filtronics, Agilent, Motorola, Celeritek and Marconi.